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Reselling web hosting services is a very common thing.  Your own web hosting provider may be a reseller without you even knowing it!  Reseller hosts typically pay for a more expensive account with another host, and have tools to re-sell you space out of their allottment.

There is a slight difference between reselling and co-locating which is outlined in a future post.

So how do you check if your host is a reseller?  It can be tricky, but the first place to check is this website: http://www.whoishostingthis.com.  Enter your web hosts domain (ie: hostgator.com).  It will run what’s called a “reverse DNS lookup” which will indicate where the servers are actually located.  At one time Hostgator was actually hosted by a company called “The Planet” which is a large-scale server leasing company. The company has since changed hands and is now hosted on their own servers. 

Another thing to look out for is when you use a CDN, or “content delivery network.” CDNs cache a site’s content that is served on your primary host server and use a system of distributed servers to speed up delivery of that content to users around the world. Cloudflare is a popular example of a CDN. For example, one of our sister sites, globalwarmingisreal.com, is served at Pair Networks, one of the hosts on our Top 10 list of green hosting providers. But since the site uses Cloudflare for content distribution, services such as whoishostingthis.com sees Cloudflare as the hosting provider, instead of Pair, the primary host.

Reseller hosting is not necessarily a bad thing.  If you are looking for basic hosting services, this is a perfectly fine source.  If you want core access, root access, and very specific requirements, you may want to look at companies who are not resellers.


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  1. Thanks for this informative post. I really appreciates this

  2. Good post, thank you for sharing!
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    I hope it helps for everyone!

  3. Ha! Tom thanks for that info. I had no idea that hosting servers did this! I think it’s funny that a company like hostgator, who takes such pains to spread their brand name all across the internet (and are doing quite well lol), actually have their servers hosted by somebody else!


  4. This is good information that not every site owner realizes… In fact, before reading the previous post, I didn’t know that host gator didnt have their own servers! wow…learn something new each day… I personally have about 5 sites with Ixwebhosting a reseller who provides 24 hour customer service at a great rate…highly recommend…

  5. Well I think that reseller hosting is great and I have using it for several years. It’s the best package to choose if you are managing multiple websites and would like to have the ability to manage the websites. Reseller hosting is also perfect for organizations or individuals that do not have the resources to manage a web server but wishes to offer web-hosting solutions to their customers. If Hostgator have their servers hosted by somebody else that makes no sense for me. If it’s good it’s good…..

  6. I have been inside a few big data centers which had very strong physical security, multiple sources of power (from separate sub stations as well as backup generators) and multiple connections to the internet. Amongst other things this protects against the workmen with a JCB cutting the cables, something I have had experience of. There is no way that a web hosting company like Hostgator could afford all this on their own so it must make sense that they lease or collocate servers in a big data center.

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  8. Cheers for the heads-up on the reseller website, Tom. I would have never have thought to have checked that in the past. Before signing up to a new host for my new contract which is set to come up soon, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to this site to ensure I’m getting what I need. If you take a look at my site – http://www.bikiniwaxvideo.org – I think you’ll agree it’s pretty basic, especially when compared to yours. Would I be the type of customer, taking my blog into consideration, that would be okay with going through a reseller as I don’t need as much ‘nuts and bolts’ access as others might?

    I appreciate the insight!

    Anita xx

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