Top 10 Green Web Hosts

Top 10 green web hosts for 2015 

Blue www and Earth

Note: Web hosting providers that either no longer provide green web hosting option or have gone out of business have been removed. We are researching options to replace the spots left open on the list. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Every year we review our current Top Ten green web host recommendations to see if we should make any changes to our list. We’re in the process now of updating the list for 2015. We’re now up to 7 hosting providers that meet our criteria. If you have any comments or suggestions to help fill out our list, please contact us!

We don’t like to brag, but this list is kind of important around here. We rate a host on 15 different elements including responsiveness to customers, features, price, website, and of course environmental friendliness. The results are found here:

  2. Ethical Hosting
  3. DreamHost
  4. HostPapa
  5. Netfirms
  6. Pair Networks (new for 2015)
  7. Brain Host (new for 2015)
  8. 1&1 Hosting (new for 2015)
  9. iPage (new for 2015)
  10. ?  – Do you have a favorite green web host? Let us know!

All our green web host listings have been verified by the Green Web Foundation



Image credit: Bogie Garry, courtesy flickr


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  1. Hi there,

    Today many people searching for the green web host because they start to concern about environment. Even half of the list I never heard about them before, really appreciate for sharing =)

  2. Hostgator is best i am use last 3 years cheap and best hosting

  3. thanks for the list of hosting sites. Will check them out now and see which will best apply to my needs.

  4. I’m all for using green technology.

    However, most of these companies do not offer Month To Month payment for hosting services.

    That’s why I use AN Hosting. They gladly accomodated me on a Month To Month payment basis.

    I would have loved to go with one of them. They just could not meet my budget needs.

  5. Thank you for this informative article you’ve published. Anyways, do you already have updates for year 2012? and may we know when it will be published?

    • Thanks for the comment. We do plan an update for 2012,but we have not yet set a pub date for it. Check back!

  6. Thanks for the hosting list. I am a big fan of hostgator, good server uptime and great customer support.

  7. I really find your list of sites very helpful. Everything’s there, you just need to take time to visit the sites and find one that suits you.

  8. Wow!!! This post is really superb for me. Green web hosts are truly new idea for me. I am happy to read your green web hosting post.

  9. I am a new comer on the internet market. I was looking the best web host. You are p4roviding top ten green web hosts. I think every web site user should select the best web hot from this. Thanks.
    Best cloud hosting

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