Super Green Hosting

Super Green Hosting is yet another green web host.  They claim to be “100% Carbon Neutral Friendly”… not really sure what that means.  If they mean carbon-neutral, that’s good.  They also claim to be one of the first green web hosts and strive to provide “the greenest hosting available”.

Unfortunately, these claims are not valid from our perspective.  There is no proof of carbon neutrality such as a certificate.  Also, beyond using Dell servers for efficiency, they ask you to pay for making your site greener through addons.

Although they make a good effort, we can’t identify Super Green Hosting as a truly Green Web Hosting provider.  Still, if you’d like to check them out for yourself, you can do so here.

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  1. Green Web hosting Rules! ;D

  2. Nice article. I’ve also looked into Super Green Hosting but haven’t been able to verify if they really offer green hosting or not.

  3. It’s nice to be saving the planet even while using new technology.

  4. Super Green Hosting Merged with Just Host. I had a reseller account and after the merger, and enquiring about Green Badges, was told Go Green no longer exists under Just Host. They told me that my Super Green Account (now Just Host) was not on green servers. Awesome. Defeats the purpose of my paying them for Green Servers. I never received notification that that was going to happen. Just that the companies were joining.

  5. I noticed that they are affiliated with JustHost.

    I did not read to many good things about this service. Folks had a lot problems with them.

    Wow, what a mind field we all have to wade through!

  6. hello my friends

    I want to buy good re seller hosting, a friend of mine recommended me have you ever heard about them. i have checked there web site and it seems that they offer chip prices and good performances unlimited web hosting space and unlimited bandwidth.

  7. I never hear about Super Green Hosting before. Its prices are cheap. Ok.

  8. Yeah, they are pretty good. I used them in the past. Great support and prices. However, I recently moved all my sites to hostgator. They also went green a few years ago.

  9. Hallo, I am interested for Alpha Reseller and Super alpha reseller web hosting..I wanted to ask does offer these plans ? I can see plans listed on their page but I wanted to ask do you or some one else have experience with Alpha Reseller and Super alpha Reseller plans..
    Because I really need unlimited web hosting space and web hosting bandwidth and I can see that they have cheapest prices..and also some promotions !

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