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Solar Web Host, based out of the UK co-locates their servers with a company in California (could it be, also located in California, US?)  Their website is a bit harder to nail down in terms of specific claims about environmental friendliness but here is what they say:

In their words:

The datacentre we utilise for this option is in California east of Los Angeles. The data centre is powered by 120 solar panels which generate all the electricity. The Solar is owned and operated by the Datacentre to power California’s first and only solar-powered hosting company. (please be aware that there is a 10 hour time difference to the US so set-up times are longer and accounts can take up to 72 hours to activate).

Check them out here.

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  1. This is interesting, however, hard to prove. Many people are trying to ride the wave and do some greenwashing (playing green to make more $$$). If it is true (and I’d love for it to be true) their servers must be pretty energy-efficient because, for example, households rarely pull through with just autonomous solar energy and always need the grid as a back-up.

  2. hey ! how much is it? cheap or costly?
    i wnt to use it

  3. Important to choose green! Studies have shown that by the year 2020 that the web hosting industry will be as big of a polluter as the airline industry

  4. Very interesting! However, like Linde, I’m still a bit doubtful. It would be a big help to our planet, though, if this were true. I hope it is! With the way things are going, we need all the help we can get.

  5. I think this web host is great

  6. I am presuming that there is also a normal power supply for this as well. If the solar panels go down what happens. Just doesn’t seem at thou high profile customers would go for this, is it really that reliable.

  7. Assuming this is factual, it is good and timely news. But then, I think depending exclusively on solar power for web hosting needs could be a bit too unreliable. Just an opinion … as I do not possess any know-how regarding this topic.

  8. so how did it become “green”? i mean, does it use eco friendly signals or something? 😀

  9. Many green claims are over-hyped. I find it difficult to believe that a datacentre can run on solar power alone, the power supply to such places is too critical to be left to the vagaries of the weather, there must be other sources. What happens at night?

  10. can you provide us the details of solar web host?


  11. I might give them a try if they have VPS and are not too expensive… Thank you.

  12. What kind of question is that, “what do they do at night?” The commenter obviously has no idea of how solar energy works. I for one think every little bit helps, so if I can get hosting from a provider with a mind to protecting the environment why shouldn’t I?

  13. I am using stripehost they have packages from €2 / month.. great prices, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support.

    Visit Stripehost!

  14. Great webhost and intresting to know more …can u give detail more?Thanks

  15. From what I know there are many hosting companies who use renewable energy to power their servers.

    I hope this will became the standard.

  16. web hosting was very good usage.we have to save lot of power generators and much more. Advantage of this solar host is we are using high speed hosting and also useful for redundant networks,backup systems and power generators.

  17. Many green claims are over-hyped.

    I find it difficult to believe that a datacentre can run on solar power alone, the power supply to such places is too critical to be left to the vagaries of the weather, there must be other sources.
    What happens at night?

  18. I’ll bet in 100 years everything will be green/solar powered. Things are just moving that way.

  19. That’s greats! I haven’t heard of any solar hosts but there are a few hosts offering wind powered servers, I won’t name drop but I host some of my sites with a few of those host. I’m considering putting an insignia on those sites, possibly to enhance the image of the site and promote other webmasters to also use solar and wind power servers. I support alternative energy and I think us webmasters should lead the way. Every dollars a vote, I guess that’s how capitalism works right? Lets make our votes court! I’d like to hear what others think.

  20. This is the first time i have heard of the solar green web hosting service. Im glad that influential hosting companies are choosing environment friendly power supplies as this will persuade others to follow in their footsteps.

  21. Molly is right on the money, I love the progressive objective and vibe of this site, I’m definitely bookmarking this site. I’m going to look into alternative energy options for my hosting soon and I hope other do too. – Andy

  22. I’m hosted with Solar Web Host and they’re fantastic! Highly recommended

  23. that seems a bit odd, since I’d bet most of their customers are from UK

    wouldn’t spain or africa be closer?

  24. The efforts of these green web hosting companies must be lauded – how many companies out there (web hosting or not) are willing to take a step further and operate with an environmental responsibility? And if you have the backing and support from a green web host, it would also make you feel good to play a small role in saving the earth too.

  25. It’s nice.I might give them a try if they have VPS and are not too expensive… Thank you.

  26. Can anyone tell me how solar hosting companies do in terms of reliability? Is down time affected at all?

  27. What about shared hosting,,,can I host big files?

  28. Great blog post, we’ve created a simple tutorial to solar powered energy on our blog that could be of interest to your subscribers.

  29. solar hosting seems a great hosting company any I would like to take chance to be a registered member of this hosting company though I have a firm on web hosting in bangladesh.

  30. I like the valuable info you provide here. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again regularly. I think I will learn lots of new stuff here! Best of lucks!!


  31. Is it true that Green hosting cost more than the regular hosting companies?
    How about greengeeks? Have you heard about them?

    • I have heard of Green Geeks. I do not have any personal experience with them, but you can look at customer reviews here:

      I don’t really think green hosting is appreciably more expensive than other options. Many of the big names in shared hosting, like Hostgator, are using more green sources of energy to power their server farms.

  32. Solar Web Host? I haven’t tried that since I have been using hostgator since but if this is something great that I would love to try this solar web host too.

  33. I believe that we should encourage these Solar web host companies and use there services more often than regular hosting Providers . They should be rewarded for there efforts.

  34. Solar Energy using for web hosting is good idea. most of the fund need to spend for electrical power. i apprecuiate your idea on providing this service.

  35. I really trust this solar proccess, Great information about the atmosphere.

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