Renewable Energy

renewable_energyA major pillar of green web hosting is utilizing renewable energy instead of conventional, fossil fuel based energy.  Servers consume vast amounts of energy both conventionally and kinetically by operating fans to cool them.  In fact it is said that “By 2020 the web hosting industry will be as big of a polluter as the airline industry!”

Renewable energy is defined as any source of energy generated from natural sources which are naturally replaced.  However using this definition – one might say that oil is a naturally occuring, naturally renewing source.  So we append this definition with “Energy that is generated from natural sources that does not produce any significant amount of pollution through either production, generation or maintenance.”

Simply put, renewable energy is wind power, hydroelectric, photovoltaic (solar), biomass, geothermal or biofuel.

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  1. This is really one of the most interesting and most exciting thing. I like to read your watch. Anyways keep it up and keep continue with your valuable thoughts.

  2. Well we can somewhat agree on what the future holds for us. Even now there are tons of web hosts available and I feel we might get to that point before even 2020. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes I guess.

  3. European electricity companies will strive to achieve a carbon-neutral power supply by 2050, work for an integrated European electricity market that will deliver power cost-efficiently and reliably, and promote energy-efficient electricity applications as a key part of the solution to the great energy-climate challenge.

  4. The idea of renewable energy should have emerged quite a few years back when the lack of resources for energy was detected. Certainly other forms of energy is something we have to look for.

  5. Make sure you investigate the cost of your solar panels and do a comparison of the life of the solar panel and the cost savings in electricity. This will let you know whether you should buy solar panels. We can help if necessary.

  6. Burning hardwood briquettes and eco logs has proved time again to be a carbon neutral high efficiency wood fuel for wood burners. Easy to light and a very clean burning fuel. Biomass burneres are also useing this type of fuel in our modern times when we need to save energy.

  7. Renewable Energy is the wave of the future. There is nothing more pressing today then finding renewable, clean energy sources.

  8. Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable.
    Nice to see this type of blogs, now days its very hard to get something for reading which really help people. Thanks , keep it up.

  9. I think you’re dead on in worrying about pollution from webhosts. Think about how many computers a single major online site (google, amazon, etc.) needs to have operating, all at once, for their site to be active. That’s crazy.

  10. Renewable energy sources are very precious and important interms of source of energy and also to protect our environment.To over come a big problem “Global Warming” we must have to shift from non renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources.They are available in huge quantity,constant supply can be possible,less polluted.

  11. The more we use renewable energy, the more we benefit the environment, strengthen our energy security, create jobs locally, and help improve our economy.

  12. Web hosting will pollute as much as the entire airline industry? I’d really be interested to hear where those statistics are coming from. I can imagine there might be some truth to it, but when you consider the kinds of pollution generated from electrical power plants versus the exhaust from a jet engine I’m not sure which we should be more concerned over.

  13. Green web hosting can be best described as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional means of hosting. More companies are currently taking the initiative to minimize the impact data center emissions and other commonly used resources have on the environment.

  14. I would like your rules! By the way, close to a new neighborhood for me is the “solar ready” homes for sale and I was doing a little research and find on your site. I think that having a home built in solar energy is a great way to avoid most of the costs of installation.

  15. Companies all over the world have taken up the call to go green. Helping our environment is imperative if we are going to have it for our own future as well as generations to come. In an effort to help reduce carbon foot printing, web hosting companies have even joined in the fight.

  16. This is an interesting thing and a good way that we can share to our environment. Let us Go Green to help our mother earth fight global warming. Let’s all be natural and live a green life.

  17. Hopefully these guys really start to think about their environmentally friendly campaigns going ahead in the future. As more people become accustomed to eco-friendly practices, they are going to tend to favour companies who also employ the same tactics.

  18. That airline statistic is definently food for thought I’d like to see what the figures are like and what sort of pollution it is to make a judgement. I think we’ll start to see similar to what we’ve seen in other industries is that companies will start to go green and use this as a marketing ploy to gain a competitive edge.

  19. The fact is we are going to be seeing more and more use of green power and renewable energy and that’s fantastic news. We’ve recently renovated our house and the total set up is with renewable energy. It’s actually also making a significant saving in electricity bills!

  20. We need to ‘bite the bullet’ and push renewable energy harder than ever before. If we give people the option, they’re always going to go for the easier, not always the best. If we are going to build a sustainable future governments are going to need to make it ‘worth while’ for the average Joe to make the change NOW!

  21. The study found that subsidising geothermal technology initially would help to bring down costs rapidly as UK sites were developed

  22. It’s very frightening to see that in the 21st century we’re still giving priority to fossil fuel instead of renewable energy just so some hot shots make their billions. I hope we realize what we’re doing before it’s too late for humanity…

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