Hostgator “Renews Green Commitment”

Hostgator is one of the web hosts on our “top ten” list. Recently they announced in their company newsletter a purchase of more certified renewable energy certificates (REC’s) to cover their entire server base.

From their newsletter:

Renewing Our Green Commitment

HostGator has just purchased additional certified REC’s (renewable energy credits) for our nearly 9,000 servers. This covers our entire server base, plus it gives us room to expand while more than offsetting the server’s carbon footprint. Instead of just offsetting our server’s emissions, we’ve committed to a 130% offset. Since we’re based in Texas, this investment goes towards Texas wind energy. As a HostGator customer, you should know that your web site is being powered by a 130% green server.

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  1. Bonjour
    un trés bon article.

  2. We use Hostgator for some of our sites because they’re very affordable. It’s great to see that they’re one of the greener webhosts too.

  3. A few months ago there was a programme on the radio discussing the energy usage of hosts and server farms.

    Apparently some farms use as much energy as a city. For hostgator who from the looks are offsetting rather than generating their own power.

    Whilst I applaud their efforts offsetting does not negate all the effects of power usage, generating at source with solar for example is more beneficial.

  4. It’s good that a large hosting company like HostGator is taking a pro-active, pro-ecology approach. It’s a shame more companies aren’t following their lead. Green hosting should be the norm, not the exception.

  5. I faced so much issues regarding payment,servers but now everything is done instantly,thanks

  6. Good to hear. And I agree with Paul. It’s great that such a large hosting company, the largest, if I recall, is taking a pro-active approach.

  7. We use Hostgator for some of our sites because they’re very affordable. It’s great to see that they’re one of the greener webhosts too

  8. It’s great to see such companies having a commitment to the sustainability to the environment. Well done to you guys at host gator

  9. Not all web hosting companies cared about the environment just like the company that I am working in. The government should implement a law and should be mandatory in every company to have a program that deals about the environment.

  10. Thanks to hostgator for making upgrade by their system. This helps their clients’ businesses run smoothly.

  11. This is another giant tick in the box for Hostgator. I’ve heard nothing but good things of them as a host from websites and reviews. I’m not currently hosting my site – – with them, I’m with GoDaddy because when I first started up they were the most ‘mainstream option,’ but I think once I can switch it up I’ll be moving to hostgator. I’ve always been happy with what people have said about them and now I read they are renewing green commitment, that may be all I need to get me on board as a customer!

    Anita. xx

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