Green Geeks

greengeeksWe found a new green web hosting option for you to check out.  Green Geeks claims to be 300% green hosted.  What does that mean?  They purchase clean energy credits equivalent to 3 times their server’s energy usage.  That’s a big step and further than anyone else has gone.  (short of directly powering servers with renewable energy)

They take those extra couple steps as well such as eating home cooked meals at the office instead of traveling for lunch.

They offer live chat (a huge support tool) and boast many awards.  Great huh?  Check them out here.

In their words:

I have been fortunate to have been very successful in working within the web hosting industry over the past eleven plus years. At GreenGeeks we have built a superior web hosting company and I would like to invite you to learn more about why we’re better than the rest.

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