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  1. I was trying to submit green IT news but it looks like its not working! Here is the press release regardless. Thanks!

    Atum IT Contributes to Shrinking the Environmental Foot Print
    The Hosting Provider Talks Virtualization at the Canadian Centre for Pollution Conference
    Toronto, 5/17/2010 – Atum IT, Toronto’s leader in dedicated VPS hosting, is speaking at the Canadian Centre for Pollution Conference (CCPR) on June 4th. The CCPR is hosting “Shrinking the Environmental Footprints” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel discussing best practices, case studies and emerging technologies towards the main goal of environment sustainability. The speakers at the event along with Atum IT include Tim Horton’s, Sleeman Breweries, City of Toronto, and Zerofootprints Software. The event sponsors include Bullfrog Power, Pro Kleen and Enviro-Stewards.

    Leaders in technology, food & beverage and government are gathering on June 3 and 4th 2010 to discuss current as well as create new environmental solutions. The green sessions will include business cases, municipal projects, and innovative source reductions.

    John Posan, Atum IT Business Development Director, will examine innovative hosting approaches and educate the public on hosting the environmentally friendly way by shining a spotlight on the recent virtualization trend and creating Green IT awareness.
    “Virtualization holds the potential to decrease green house emissions and pollution significantly while at the same time increase performance and cut costs,” states Posan. “It might sound too good to be true but it’s really not. Virtualization is based around doing more with less.”
    With virtualization, a single server is now able to run up 20 or more virtual servers with better performance. Fewer servers mean reduced real estate needs and less waste heat. Such minor steps deliver dramatic reductions in space requirements and energy use reducing resource abuse.
    “It’s about time that IT has begun to examine its role to corporate responsibility and started implementing strategies that not only decrease consumption and optimize performance, but also achieve corporate sustainability goals,” confirms Posan.

    For more information on the event visit:

    Atum is based in Toronto, Canada and has been leader since 2000 in providing quality virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans for small – mid sized organizations. Working together with partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, RedHat, Symantec, Cisco, and Lenovo, Atum provides premium services to industries as diverse as software companies, web design firms, media agencies, doctor’s offices, law & architect firms. Atum offers hosted exchange email, IT support and specializes in VPS hosting.

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