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Web Hosting Reseller

Find out if your webhost runs their own servers or is a reseller

Reselling web hosting services is a very common thing.  Your own web hosting provider may be a reseller without you even knowing it!  Reseller hosts typically pay for a more expensive account with another host, and have tools to re-sell you space out of their allottment. There is a slight difference between reselling and co-locating which is outlined in a ... Read More »

Optimized web hosting servers

Web hosts are starting to claim that their web servers are “optimized for energy efficiency”. Although this may be true, this is a hard claim to dispute because standards have not yet been set for efficient operation of web servers. However, if you know something about servers, these things could help you determine if a web host has truly optimized ... Read More »

Carbon Neutral Web Host

Carbon neutral web host This is a term often used among green web hosts to describe the carbon footprint of the company.  Carbon neutral means the energy consumption of a particular activity has been equalized in one of two ways: a) Carbon credits have been purchased equal to the energy consumption (effectively removing the exhausted carbon from the atmosphere through ... Read More »

Renewable Energy

A major pillar of green web hosting is utilizing renewable energy instead of conventional, fossil fuel based energy.  Servers consume vast amounts of energy both conventionally and kinetically by operating fans to cool them.  In fact it is said that “By 2020 the web hosting industry will be as big of a polluter as the airline industry!” Renewable energy is ... Read More »

Carbon Credits

This is one method of making sure the energy-suck of hosting is environmentally friendly. Purchasing a “carbon credit” essentially means the web host has calculated their total energy usage and purchased a credit for the greenhouse gasses they have contributed. Usually this means they are purchasing green energy and putting it into the energy grid. This could also mean the ... Read More »

Efficient servers

A truly green web host will attempt to improve the energy source – as well as the energy consumption of their operation. Several green hosts claim they have replaced their old, clunky, energy-sucking servers with state-of-the-art, energy efficient ones. This is difficult to verify – however several hosts identify the exact servers they use which can be checked against a ... Read More »

What is “Green Web Hosting”?

Green web hosting is a movement to change the way the internet is served to its customers. Web servers run 24/7, and draw an immense amount of energy from the power grid. Over 50% of the energy generated in the United States comes from dirty coal power – making web hosting a significant contributor to global warming. The world is ... Read More »