The Impact of Data Centers on the Environment

Computing isn’t as clean and green as some might think it is. There is a growing awareness of the environmental impact of computers and end-user power consumption, but with the trend toward cloud computing and the ever-expanding world of online content, it is important to remember the impact of data centers on the environment. Data centers consume huge amounts of electricity, ... Read More »

Hostgator “Renews Green Commitment”

Hostgator is one of the web hosts on our “top ten” list. Recently they announced in their company newsletter a purchase of more certified renewable energy certificates (REC’s) to cover their entire server base. From their newsletter: Renewing Our Green Commitment HostGator has just purchased additional certified REC’s (renewable energy credits) for our nearly 9,000 servers. This covers our entire ... Read More »

Time to vote!

Vote for what's important in a web host

It’s time to establish Eco Host Reviews’ annual award categories.  As with everything we do here, this will be user-driven.  What’s your vote for award categories? Greenest host?  Cheapest host?  Best value?  Best Customer Service?  You decide!  Leave your comment or contact us with your recommendation.  In one week, we will determine the categories and share them here.  Shortly after, ... Read More »

Roundup of clean energy powered web hosts

We discuss lots of green web hosting providers on Eco Host Reviews.  But not all of them are truly powered by clean energy (clean means solar, wind, geothermal, etc.). These web hosts are directly powered by clean energy.  You won’t find any offsets or carbon credits here! Solar Host ( Solar Web Host ( – could be a reseller? Affordable ... Read More »

Rackspace embraces an environmental mission – or not

Rackspace has gone green!  Right? We looked closely and here’s what we found. In their words: Working with a partner like NativeEnergy, Rackspace is diligently working toward the goal of being a greener company. We know it’s not something that can happen overnight, but by addressing the problem and educating our customers and employees, we are taking the first step ... Read More » now offers co-location

Let’s be honest, most of the green web hosting businesses out there are simply resellers.  Even companies as big as Hostgator are simply reselling server space maintained by someone else. It’s refreshing to find a host that runs their own servers.  How can you tell?  They offer services like co-location.  Co-location means your servers are physically located in someone else’s ... Read More »

Please welcome The Greenwashing Blog to the Hippie Network

The Greenwashing Blog has joined the Hippie Network. The network is a fast growing collection of eco-blogs that discuss relevant, helpful and interesting green news. The Greenwashing Blog brings a reputation for looking at eco-claims with a critical eye. Do you have a popular eco blog? We still have some limited room in the network for interesting blogs that focus ... Read More »

How respected is EcoHostReviews?

Very. We are listed by a number of impressive websites as the source for objective news and reviews of green web hosting providers. We are even listed on Wikipedia as a resource! You can help us grow and further our mission of providing objective information on green web hosts by sharing us with your favorite social networking tool (see right ... Read More »

Submit your news!

Eco Host Reviews – your source for objective news and reviews of the green web hosting industry now has a new feature! If you run a green web host, you can now submit news and announcements for posting. There is no guarantee that everything submitted will be posted. Anything that includes a special deal for our readers will be given ... Read More »

Reasons to choose green web hosting

At EcoHostReviews we tend to focus on the consumer of web hosting.  However from time to time we will draw some attention to existing web hosting providers that aren’t yet green.  This article over at Studio7 outlines just some of the many reasons we should all be cleaning up the web hosting industry.  Check it out. Read More »