Carbon Neutral Web Host

carbon neutral web hostCarbon neutral web host

This is a term often used among green web hosts to describe the carbon footprint of the company.  Carbon neutral means the energy consumption of a particular activity has been equalized in one of two ways:

a) Carbon credits have been purchased equal to the energy consumption (effectively removing the exhausted carbon from the atmosphere through scrubbing or reclamation programs).

b) Renewable energy credits have been purchased equal to the consumption of non-renewable fuels (effectively inserting clean energy into the grid).

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  1. Tom, I’m all for eco friendly hosting AND products in general, really. I try to make my footprint on this earth as light as I reasonably can. I’d love to know your thoughts on Carbon Credits though. I know it is a magnificent theory and seems to be working rather well right now but is it the long-term solution we’ve all been hoping for?

    Love your blog and look forward to your thoughts!

    Anita. xx

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