Canvas Dreams Sustainable Web Hosting

Check this out, Canvas Dreams is offering green web hosting that is completely wind powered from local wind farms near their home base of Oregon.

Here’s something we haven’t come across before.  They use “mini servers” which generate nearly no heat which means minimal cooling costs.  Perhaps their server rooms can even be cooled using ambient temperatures which would make Canvas Dreams one of the greenest hosts out there.

Live chat is available which is one of our must-have web host features.

To round off their environmental friendliness, you can check their eco-statistics.  At press time, they had offset over 125,000 lbs. of CO2.  We give Canvas Dreams a thumbs-up.  Check them out here. (remember: NO AFFILIATE LINKS!)

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  1. Looks like a great idea – people don’t usually think about how environmentally friendly their hosting is. The eco-friendliness of the internet only became noticed when the carbon footprint of a Google search was in the media a few years ago. Definitely worth having a look into

  2. It is great idea. The eco-friendliness of the internet only became noticed when the carbon footprint of a Google search was in the media a few years ago.

  3. Seems like an innovative company. Really good eco-friendly solution! Would like to contact this company and get more information on there working. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. This is a nice gimmick but I’m wondering what they do to guarantee up time when the wind drops? I’m sure they have battery back-up, but even that has limitations. I know, I’m just being nit-picky, at least they are trying.

  5. Yeah, the guarantee is under the question! But i think such intiative is praising and has perspectives! Keep up, guys!

  6. They’ve been great as hosts. Never any downtime, the energy just keeps flowing. And if somehow the wind on the west coast stopped (very unlikely) their data center apparently runs on generators, which I don’t think has ever happened.
    They also have an A+ BBB rating, something generally unheard of for webhost companies.

  7. Its very important that the most influencial web hosting providers go green, as this sets the bar for other large hosts. Green web hosting moves us one step closer to becoming less sufficient on ozone harming power supplies.

  8. Like others, I had no idea “green hosting” even existed – but I guess it makes sense, despite being more expensive in terms of hardware cost.

  9. It is inspiring to know that there are web hosts out there who are willing to take a step further and operate with an environmental responsibility. E-waste is rapidly becoming the major pollutants on our planets, and that also goes to web hosting hardware and operation requirements. There are also hosts out there who will plant trees or purchase RECs to power their data centres. We need more web hosts like Canvas Dreams.

  10. This is an innovative service and certainly food for thought. Why can’t the heat generated by servers also be utilised – especially in colder countries where they could provide warmth to other parts of the building.

  11. I visited their website, however they just don’t offer the Month To Month billing I need.

    I noticed their bandwidth and space were limited as well which left me a little skeptical of using.

    The “green” aspect makes sense to me. Maybe someone will offer the billing I need somewhere else.

  12. Great work to Canvas Dreams! I am looking forward to see more hosting providers who use such technology. Nowdays, it’s really important to keep the carbon dioxide levels as low as possible as global warming isn’s a joke. Surely worth having a look into…

  13. Hi Tom,
    I’m glad that you continue to raise awareness about renewable energy, and like many others was not aware that host providers were using renewable energy. Using wind farms is a great idea, and I suppose other ideas like solar panels are also being used. Still, the product must be competitive before consumers will choose these products. I don’t think there are many people that will choose a product solely because they are “green”, but this factor is becoming more and more relevant to consumers.

  14. Thx for sharing Tom, wonderful research work. For many of us worldwide (Spain in this case) is vital to invest in companies that are sustainable, responsible and work towards a better future. One more thing that I would like to say about them is that they also have a discount program for Non-Profit Organizations (
    Such program truly show commitment towards social and environmental causes and understanding of present and future challenges. NGOs work very hard everyday to make utopias become true and all the help offered is most welcome and really appreciated.

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