BounceWeb Green Hosting

bounce-hostBounceWeb is a recent convert from conventional web hosting. They utilize clean energy credits to offset their energy use. Additionally, they claim to have tuned and upgraded their servers to use 43% less energy. Here’s what they say about their green efforts:

In their words:

“Web Hosting must be more socially responsible by improving server energy efficiency which we have done by switching all of our servers hardware to use 43% less electricity. We provide the best green wind powered web hosting in the world to keep the world beautiful.

Carbon neutral means we do not emit any carbon emissions that cause global warming that we do not clean up. Our wind powered webhosting has been revised to be completely carbon neutral.

A renewable energy credit or REC ( is what we purchase to offset our carbon footprint, we have partnered with the leading REC provider 3Degrees as they enables businesses and individuals to fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates and Verified Emission Reductions.”

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