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Reasons to choose green web hosting

At EcoHostReviews we tend to focus on the consumer of web hosting.  However from time to time we will draw some attention to existing web hosting providers that aren’t yet green.  This article over at Studio7 outlines just some of the many reasons we should all be cleaning up the web hosting industry.  Check it out. Read More »

5 Things your green web host should offer

5 things to look for in a green web host

There are so many web hosting providers out there it’s hard to choose the best.  It is even harder to filter through all the gimmicks and “services” they offer to convince webmasters to join them.  In our opinion these five features should be offered by every web host, which may help you filter out the quality hosts from the chaffe. ... Read More »

Carbon Neutral Web Host

Carbon neutral web host This is a term often used among green web hosts to describe the carbon footprint of the company.  Carbon neutral means the energy consumption of a particular activity has been equalized in one of two ways: a) Carbon credits have been purchased equal to the energy consumption (effectively removing the exhausted carbon from the atmosphere through ... Read More »

Renewable Energy

A major pillar of green web hosting is utilizing renewable energy instead of conventional, fossil fuel based energy.  Servers consume vast amounts of energy both conventionally and kinetically by operating fans to cool them.  In fact it is said that “By 2020 the web hosting industry will be as big of a polluter as the airline industry!” Renewable energy is ... Read More »

Green Geeks

We found a new green web hosting option for you to check out.  Green Geeks claims to be 300% green hosted.  What does that mean?  They purchase clean energy credits equivalent to 3 times their server’s energy usage.  That’s a big step and further than anyone else has gone.  (short of directly powering servers with renewable energy) They take those ... Read More »

Another update to EcoHostReviews

We’ve gone through a lot of changes during the last few years.  What matters is that the purpose has stayed the same. To provide quality, objective information on the environmentally friendly web hosting industry. We will continue this by providing objective, thoughtful reviews of green web hosting providers.  In addition, we will continue to report on the evolving industry of ... Read More »

Ethical Host Green Web Hosting

In their words: EthicalHost is dedicated to providing professional, low cost, green & ethical web hosting services that make a difference in the environment and in people’s lives and communities. Based in Toronto, Canada, we donate 10% of our pre-tax profits to social and environmental organizations. In order to reduce our businesses impact on the environment, we have partnered with ... Read More »

Blue Servers

In their words: We provide truly progressive web hosting services that include both environmentally friendly and socially responsible benefits. We are completely powered by wind energy and contribute financially to environmental projects on an ongoing basis. This is one of only two hosts we’ve found that are both environmentally friendly web hosts and socially progressive. Check then out here. Read More »