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How the Green Datacenter Revolution Affects Your Website

The green datacenter revolution

What increasingly energy efficient datacenter design can mean for you When you hire a company to host your website, you’re basically paying that company to arrange for the code to your website to made available to computers around the world, 24/7/365.  That company may store and run that code on its own computer or rent that computer space from another ... Read More »

The Impact of Data Centers on the Environment

Computing isn’t as clean and green as some might think it is. There is a growing awareness of the environmental impact of computers and end-user power consumption, but with the trend toward cloud computing and the ever-expanding world of online content, it is important to remember the impact of data centers on the environment. Data centers consume huge amounts of electricity, ... Read More »

Green Geeks Green Web Hosting

Green Geeks green web hosting

Trey Gardner, CEO of Green Geeks web hosting, contacted me recently and asked that I review his company’s “green credentials” and consider mentioning Green Geeks here at EcoHostReviews. Hosting web sites is an energy intensive endeavor, and any truly green webhost must minimize energy consumption, maximize efficiency, and utilize renewable energy sources for the power that is consumed. My reviews ... Read More »

Hostgator “Renews Green Commitment”

Hostgator is one of the web hosts on our “top ten” list. Recently they announced in their company newsletter a purchase of more certified renewable energy certificates (REC’s) to cover their entire server base. From their newsletter: Renewing Our Green Commitment HostGator has just purchased additional certified REC’s (renewable energy credits) for our nearly 9,000 servers. This covers our entire ... Read More »

Canvas Dreams Sustainable Web Hosting

Check this out, Canvas Dreams is offering green web hosting that is completely wind powered from local wind farms near their home base of Oregon. Here’s something we haven’t come across before.  They use “mini servers” which generate nearly no heat which means minimal cooling costs.  Perhaps their server rooms can even be cooled using ambient temperatures which would make ... Read More »

Time to vote!

Vote for what's important in a web host

It’s time to establish Eco Host Reviews’ annual award categories.  As with everything we do here, this will be user-driven.  What’s your vote for award categories? Greenest host?  Cheapest host?  Best value?  Best Customer Service?  You decide!  Leave your comment or contact us with your recommendation.  In one week, we will determine the categories and share them here.  Shortly after, ... Read More »

Super Green Hosting

Super Green Hosting is yet another green web host.  They claim to be “100% Carbon Neutral Friendly”… not really sure what that means.  If they mean carbon-neutral, that’s good.  They also claim to be one of the first green web hosts and strive to provide “the greenest hosting available”. Unfortunately, these claims are not valid from our perspective.  There is ... Read More »

Solar Web Host Green Web Hosting

Solar Web Host, based out of the UK co-locates their servers with a company in California (could it be, also located in California, US?)  Their website is a bit harder to nail down in terms of specific claims about environmental friendliness but here is what they say: In their words: SOLAR POWERED WEB HOSTING SYSTEMS The datacentre we utilise ... Read More »

Taproot Green Web Hosting

Based in Oregon, this company offers web hosting services directly by wind energy. In their words: First and foremost, our servers, and thusly your websites, are 100% Clean Wind Powered. Clean Wind is 100 percent new wind power. This carbon-free power comes from wind farms here in the Northwest and is endorsed by such groups as the Renewable Northwest Project, ... Read More »

Roundup of clean energy powered web hosts

We discuss lots of green web hosting providers on Eco Host Reviews.  But not all of them are truly powered by clean energy (clean means solar, wind, geothermal, etc.). These web hosts are directly powered by clean energy.  You won’t find any offsets or carbon credits here! Solar Host ( Solar Web Host ( – could be a reseller? Affordable ... Read More »