now offers co-location

Let’s be honest, most of the green web hosting businesses out there are simply resellers.  Even companies as big as Hostgator are simply reselling server space maintained by someone else.

It’s refreshing to find a host that runs their own servers.  How can you tell?  They offer services like co-location.  Co-location means your servers are physically located in someone else’s facility.  This can be very helpful because the attention and time required to keep servers running smoothly is pretty significant. (Affordable Internet Services Online) offers co-location services as well as the basic hosting accounts common to the rest of the green web hosts listed on this site.

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  1. Nice info,. as Netter how dont know Hostgator??

  2. Its true that Colocation services include the hardware of the customer is placed in a data center which is provided by the Colocation service provider.

    In short, if you consider a Colocation hosting services, you will only be provided with space and redundancy from the hosting provider and you cannot expect the Colocation hosting service provider to upgrade the hardware or any of the components of the server

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